Wednesday, July 30, 2014

4 Lazy Outfits

Hi all!
So today i picked up some lazy outfits for this summer, i don´t know, i've feeling like not doing anything lately, as Bruno Mars says. Hope you enjoy it!

Hola a todos! 

Hoy elegí algunos outfits para esos días de flojera, últimamente he sentido en no hacer nada. 
Espero que los disfruten!

1. Running for Errands

These pieces together are perfect for going to the shop or if you need to go out from home to do errands./ Estas piezas son perfectas para ir a la tienda o si tienes que salir de casa para hacer mandados.

2. The sporty Gal

This outfit is perfect for those sporty girls, who like to be comfy and stylish.Este conjunto es perfecto para aquellas chicas deportivas que les gusta estar cómodas y con estilo.
3. Taking the Subway

This is my favorite outfit,  very casual and you don´t have to think too much to paired./ Este es mi outfit favorito, muy casual y  no tienes que pensar mucho para combinarlo.
4. Daisy Lazy 

If your are in a rush, just grab a nice dress and flats, and you are ready to go!/ Si estás con prisa, sólo tienes que tomar un vestido bonito y fltas, y ya estas lista para ir!

Which outfit is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!/  ¿Cuál es tu outfit  favorito? Házmelo saber en los comentarios!



  1. The second outfit looks so comfy & so cute!

    1. Hi Kierra!
      Thanks so much for the comment! Yes the second one looks amazing for those lazy days! :)

  2. amazing looks! love the third one :)
    big kiss!


    1. Hi Leonor!
      Thanks for the comment! Glad you liked them! :)

  3. Love all looks!

  4. Love all the looks and especially the second outfit, I need to style the sweat pants. It's one of the pieces that I wish I can wear them more often. I like the way you styled these pieces.


    1. Hi Wafaa!!
      Glad you like them! I know, the sweatpants are a tricky piece to style. I bought them for traveling purposes, but i liked them so much that i started to style them for casual days. :)