Friday, August 29, 2014

My Bag Collection 2014

Hello everyone!
Finally is friday! So today i will share with you my current bag collection. I'm a fan of mini bags, i just love how cute they look, also i have medium and big bags, you know a essential in every girls' wardrobe and also the famous clutches.
Also i love to pick up weird and strange statement bags, especially if they are vintage. Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think about my collection.
Happy Weekend!

Hola a todos! 
Finalmente es viernes! Hoy voy a compartir contigo mi colección actual de bolsas. Soy un fanática de los bolsas mini, me encanta lo lindo y tierno que se ven, también tengo bolsas medianas y grandes, ya sabes un básico en el closet de cualquier chica y también los famosos clutch. 
También me encanta comprar bolsas llamativas y extrañas, sobre todo si son vintage. Espero que te guste y házme saber lo que piensas de mi colección. 
Feliz fin de semana!

1. Mini Bags

2. Medium and Big Size Bags

3. Clutches

4. Random Bags

Which bag is your favourite? Do you have a dream bag? I dream of having a Celine Nano!/ Cuál bolsa es tu favorita? ¿Qué bolsa te gustaría tener? Yo sueño con tener una Celine Nano! 



  1. Your collection is very interesting, I loved all your mini bags and your satchel!
    I would love to have a Celine Boston bag, it's my favorite ever! Thanks for sharing! x


    1. Hi Fabi! Thanks so much! I also love celine bags! They're amazing! Thansk for passing by and comment! xxx

  2. Love the bags!! Especially the third one! Take a look at my blog sometime: Have a great day, Isabella

    1. Hi Isabel! Thanks for visiting! Of course i will check your blog! :) Let's keep in touch!

  3. I really like the vintage bags in your collection as well as the black backpack and bucket bags. I love Michael Kors bags. They are classic, elegant and affordable.


    1. Hi Sharon! Glad you like them! Michael Kors is getting very popular in my town, they look timeless and classic! Thanks for passing by!