Tuesday, October 6, 2015

5 Things I've Learnt While Blogging

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Hello everyone!

It's been a long time since a wrote a post. It's been a little crazy here with the brand and life. But i really don't want to stop writing, it's getting harder to find the time.
Anyway, today i want to share with you 5 things i've learnt and i'm still learning during my time as a blogger.
So, here they are:

1. The blogger community is one of the most supporting communities. I don't know about you, but thanks to this blog i've found incredible fellow bloggers who support me and encourage me. I have found friends all over the world and role models. It's crazy how a writing or a photo can approach people. If you think that the blogosphere is competitive and selfish, full of haters, let me tell you that you´re wrong. I have found amazing people in this atmosphere, and when you have support from other bloggers, that encourages you to keep going with the blog.

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2. There is no "Small Blogs". Believe me, i used to think that my blog was insignificant, but i realize that is not. Maybe i'm not being read by hundreds of people but i can be sure to say is that not matter how small or new your blog is, you will find your audience who will love you and support you. It's just matter of persistence (i know i haven't been that, but i promise to get back in track) and how genuine your blog is.

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3. Be yourself. There is hundreds and hundreds of blogs that the formats and styles are very similar. I learnt that you don't have to follow or imitate blogs and try to make the same things. People really appreciate the originality and honesty. If you are not feeling well to write, just say it! If you are mad with certain situation, say it! If you love something that nobody loves, just love it!

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4. No shame! Ok, this is a hard one for me. If you have followed me since the beginning you probably know that i was terrifying to show my self in photos, and sometimes i still feel insecure. But you know what? It doesn't matter. When i started to take pictures of myself, people really liked it because i was showing my true me and not a bunch of plain outfits with no life. Trust me, clothes need the person in order to have life and attitude, and it's just of matter of time that you will feel comfortable in front of the lens, just try!

Getting comfortable! See how i style the windbreaker here!

5. Find your motivation and don't give up!. I know sometimes it's not easy to write or  take pictures because you feel no one cares about your blog. But that´s not true! The internet world is huge and there´s always someone who really reads you and loves your work. I opened this blog with the dream of sharing my path as a fashion designer and my style, of course i wanna to people read me, but that is not my motivation: " get famous and rich", my moto is to have a space in the internet world where i can express myself and share my thoughts. I'm not saying that i don´t want to grow as a blog, but i think that comes after...

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I hope you find this post inspirational if you are thinking to open a blog and if you already have one to encourage you to keep going!


  1. Hola! que padre leer esto.. como dices no hay blog pequeño así que a seguir con esto y te espero por el mio... para como dices apoyarnos mutuamente en esta labor o hobby como quieras decirlo
    saludos paisana ... Sinceramente Lizza (loula)

    1. Holaa!!! Mil gracias! Si haha ahorita me doy una vuelta por tu blog... y si he estado batallando para darme el tiempo de escribir... pero en fin, tendré que organizarme un poco mejor... :)